Document Services


Aside from storing the physical documents in our warehouse, we are offering document scanning and management service for these documents. Once digitized, we will assist you in managing these documents. Getting these documents is very fast, easy and available 24/7 because you can search and browse the contents using your desktop or laptop instead of going to boxes and boxes of documents or pulling heavy drawers of large filling cabinets.


• Documents are easily accessible for all authorized employees, while improving security for confidential documents

• Preservation for the future, or in case of a natural disaster (flood, fire, etc.)

• Conservation of office space by being able to move paper documents off-site for storage.

• Streamline work flow and decision making processes with easy access to information.


1.Full page scanning in colored JPEG, PDF, PDF(searchable) format or other format required by the customer.
2.Provides document management service to organize and save digitized documents in DVD, SD Card, USB Card, external hard drive or company LAN.
3.One(1) year warranty on the digitized documents where the client can request for re-scanning of blurred documents.
4.One(1) year free document management assistance such as: file renaming, file sorting, re-copy and other request to manage the documents.

Having back-up or digitized copies of your vital documents and available for reference, viewing, printing or email at your fingertips are very important in running your organization effectively and efficiently. The benefits gained results in increased productivity, performance and profits.